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Fees on sales are flat 5%, with unlimited listings.

We accept Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Transfers.

The shipping methods are pre-set by our system so you won't have to do anything. If you are a professional seller you can customize and add new shippings.

Payments are centralized and held until the transactions complete successfully. This protects the sellers from complaints and chargebacks and protect the buyers from not receiving the goods.

Just enter an email and a password to start selling, you won't have to lose time to do any authentication procedure. No need for any special requirements, just an email.

Your funds can be extracted via wire transfer completely free of charge, at any time and without any limit.

Contact our staff at and we will be able to provide you a solution. Same applies if you have large quantities of not-listed cards: we will help you out.

Our Cart Optimizer is a tool to save time and money by composing in one click the best cart, combining all the offers and the options you set.

You will be automatically part of the Zero program.

They show as "Do Not Send Yet", and the shipping price equals zero.

Every week the sellers have to send the Zero cards of the previous week. The cards have to be shipped in a unique and tracked package. Our warehouse address is:
215 west 4th st
Vinton, IA 52349
Please read: , in particular section 6.

Yes, we can. On, go to Profile => Settings => Shipping and Delivery => turn "off" all the shipping methods using the toggle buttons on the left.