Seller fees

We want you to be able to offer users the lowest possible cost without it being a drawback. We also want to build a community where all sellers are able to be competitive in their pricing.

Our fees are flat 5% for direct orders and 7% for Zero orders.

If you are a big seller and you think you’ll sell a lot , contact us for a free trial. Fees will be assessed as soon as the sale occurs. The monthly fee totals begin on the 1st of the month, and end on the final day of that month.


Any user may deposit funds directly to their CardTrader account via Credit Card, or Wire Transfer. When depositing funds to your account, the following fees will be applied to the transaction:

  • PayPal (5.0% + 0.35)
  • Credit Card (5.0% + 0.35)
  • Wire Transfer (free)

Once the money has been deposited to your account, you may use it to purchase items.


You may withdraw those funds for free via Wire Transfer (1-5 business days required).

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via live chat, or by e-mail at staff@cardtrader.com.