Reputation Policy

Here at CardTrader we are very aware of all the risks that both buyers and seller can face.
Based on this we worked on a “reputation policy” system that will grant all our users the smoothest experience possible.
We don’t want a buyer vs seller war, here everything is about people, and trust: reputation and experience mean a lot to us, we will do anything needed to create and protect a community made of trustworthy and loyal people.


We believe in people.
Whenever an issue occurs during a transaction on CardTrader, we expect you can find a rightful solution.
All of us can make mistake, whether you are the buyer or the seller, please be respectful to anyone, this always pays off.


Here is a list of situations we decided to solve in clear and specific ways. We suggest you to read these cases carefully: you’ll get a clear idea about our “Reputation policy” works.
This list will be constantly updated , based on the community feedbacks.

Purchased items must always be shipped.
Users are responsible for the items they put for sell. If an item will not be shipped your account will be suspended for an amount of days (this depends on the card value, your history..).
We are aware that errors may happen: contact our staff if you feel that the issue can be solved together.

No one will be allowed to take advantage from an obvious error.
(ie. a Tarmogoyf priced at 4.5$  – instead of 45$  – is obviously an error and we do not want anyone to suffer from this). In such a case the order will be cancelled without buyer permission.

Card condition issues.
We are aware this is one of the trickiest issue when trading . As a general rule if you are not satisfied with the grading of an item you’ve bought, the first thing you should do is trying to find a solution with the seller. Shouldn’t you be able to find an agreement  you can leave a proper feedback to te seller.
Of course we are here to help you in case of  an high value order.
What we will not accept from a buyer is threatening sellers with a negative feed to obtain something in exchange (discounts, more cards.. anything): if something similar happens,  the buyer will be blacklisted.
As we said before, every case is treated separately, so if you feel there is something wrong write us before committing on a bad behaviour.

New seller are welcomed but will be kept under control, just at first.
Until you reach 20 positive transactions, money will be send to your account only when the buyer confirms the arrival of any order, tracked and not tracked. This leaves no rooms for shenanigans

Users involved in too many issues will be kept under strict surveillance or removed from our service definitively.


  • Banlist protection
    After any DCI ban, CardTrader will suspend all the listings regarding any card involved in the ban announcement. Also if you have any of those card they will be hidden from the website for 24 hours. This will be an option that can be enabled or disabled in your profile