Third Party Payment

Secured Payment

Our system allows you to trade with any user with confidence.

As soon as an order is placed, the money is sent to us. Once the buyer confirms the arrival, money is transferred to the seller account.

This process allows for 0 hassle to you, and is described below.

Buyer pays → Money is held by us → Shipment arrives → Buyer confirms → Money is released

Money is held for any tracked shipment and the initial 10 orders from a new seller.

Shipment of non-tracked items are done at your own risk, and you will be responsible for any losses as it will not be protected under our Third Party Payment.

This system is made to keep shipping prices low and let you trade cheap cards as well.

Should we notice any suspicious activity from a seller, we will take appropriate measures. Please contact our support team, or you may contact the seller directly with any concerns.

What if a seller doesn’t ship an order I paid for?

The first step you should take is to contact the seller immediately via the chat option within the order. You may ask them about the situation or any delay.

If after 7 days the seller didn’t ship your order you may cancel it. A button will appear in the order line after this time period.

You will be fully refunded and the money will be re-credited to your account.

If your order is time sensitive, we suggest you to chose high rated sellers or to ask in advance if they can ship immediatly.

What should I do if I think my items got lost?

We suggest you to wait 7 days after the maximum average shipping delivery time before submitting any claim or support request. Feel free to write us anytime you feel there may be something wrong.

Remember that delays are quite frequent, so don’t be alarmed if there is a minimal delay.

There are two main cases to consider if you encounter a large delay:

If you bought it with a non tracked shipping, the only thing you can do is mark the shipping as not arrived. The order will be closed as lost shipping, and will effect the profile of the seller.

Any seller with a loss percentage larger then 2% will be marked with a symbol, if this happens they will be allowed to use only tracked shipping until the % is back below 2%.

Should we notice any suspect activity from a seller, we will take the appropriate measures.

If you bought your items with a tracked shipping and you notice that there are problems with the tracking number you should open an investigation with our support.

10 days after the maximum delivery time a button will appear in the order line asking if you received the shipment.

For example, if the estimate shipping time 5-10 days, the button will appear after 20 days from the ship date.

In this case, contact the support and we will find the proper solution.

Remember not to rush, 99% of the cases are solved without opening a dispute, so consider the average delivery time for the items you bought.

What if a buyer doesn’t confirm the arrival of a shipment?

If a buyer doesn’t confirm the arrival of a tracked shipment after it result arrived, we will contact them to understand is something wrong happened.

Should there be an issue, we’ll work to solve it together. If we do not get any answer from the buyer, after 7 days the money will be released and the seller will be paid.

Be aware that they may just forget to mark it as arrived the day after.

In any case the support is always there for you.