CardTrader Announcements

27 Mar 2024

CardTrader Zero Terms of Service update

With the aim of improving the service provided, we would like to inform you of an important update regarding the shipping of CardTrader Zero orders by sellers. Starting today, we have decided to reduce the time limit to SHIP CardTrader Zero orders to 4 weekdays (holidays count as weekdays). Concurrently, we have introduced a significant change in our system: the implementation of an automation that, should an order not be shipped within the indicated timeframe, will result in its irrevocable cancellation, with the subsequent repurchase of the items.
We believe that the 4-day period is more than sufficient to complete the shipment of the sold items and we reserve the right to further reduce this timeframe in the future, in order to constantly improve our service.
This decision has been made with the aim of ensuring that our buyers receive delivery times aligned with the expectations of a quality service. We hope that this change will contribute to increased buyer satisfaction, thus leading to a rise in transactions and providing additional benefits to our sellers.

13 Oct 2023

Listed articles

We are aware that listed items may not be visible to all users, the situation will be solved within a few hours, we apologize for the inconvenience.

2 Oct 2023

Simplified grading

Dear card traders,
in an attempt to keep our system as simple and accessible as possible, from now on the Heavily Played (HP) grading will no longer be available, and the Played (PL) grading will contain all the items previously listed as HP.
Thank you for your attention, best regards.
The CardTrader staff

4 Jul 2023

Change to Sales Emails

The sales emails have been updated. You will no longer receive individual notifications for each sold item, but rather a single daily summary communication that includes CardTrader Zero sales and 1-Day Ready sales.
This way, we to avoid sending a multitude of unnecessary messages that are archived and remain unread.

Have a great day!
Best Regards,
The CardTrader Staff

28 Mar 2023

New Notification Section

As you could already see on the homepage, we have implemented a new section with the necessary notifications to better manage your account. This summary will help you manage daily operations accurately and punctually, highlighting the actions to be taken.

We will also use this panel for information related to the development of the platform and any critical issues that may occur on your account.

Thank you for your continuous support!
The CardTrader Staff