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Mystery Booster
Mystery Booster Box
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Mystery Booster: Retail Edition is designed to emulate a Chaos Draft as it contains more cards than any Magic set ever at 1,670 reprinted cards. In addition, each pack contains 1 of 121 different foil cards.

To celebrate Magic's history, each card is printed with the Planeswalker symbol in the lower-left corner but is otherwise unchanged from its previous printing.
Each Mystery Booster booster pack contains fourteen reprints, plus a foil card.

This edition will not contain playtest cards, they are an exclusive of the Mystery Booster: Convention Edition. More info and set list

  • Mystery Booster—Retail Edition Box | display of 24 Mystery Booster packs. Contains only reprinted cards. The Retail Edition fills the special slot with one of 121 possible foil cards, instead of test cards. These foil cards are different cards than those found in the main set.
  • Mystery Booster—Convention Edition Box | display of 24 Mystery Booster Convention packs. Contains cards from additional 121 playtest cards set.

    Weight | 300g -1000g (0,660 lbs - 2,2lbs)

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