Buy any cards without worrying about shipping costs.

What is CardTrader Zero?

CardTrader Zero is the brand-new shipping system designed and developed by our team that
makes shipping costs dirt cheap.
It allows you to buy as many items as you like, from many different sellers, and only pay for ONE single shipment.

7 easy steps to stop paying for multiple shipments NOW and forever

  1. Next to the standard add-to-cart button, you will find new CardTrader Zero button highlighted in orange.
    Click on it to add the item to the CardTrader Zero cart.
  2. Keep shopping and add other products to the CardTrader Zero cart.
    You can add as many items as you like.
  3. At the checkout, you will pay NO shipping costs.
  4. You can keep buying using the CardTrader Zero cart, even on different days, from different sellers,
    without having to worry about shipping costs.
  5. At any time, you can decide to receive all the items you have purchased.
    You will only pay for one shipment even if you have purchased from different sellers.
    It’s as SIMPLE as that.
  6. Upon delivery, the items will be checked and verified by our team
    to guarantee you a flawless and efficient shipment.
  7. Receive exactly the items you ordered. Our team will assist you at any time,
    should you have any questions or need assistance.

Buying has never been so easy!


Conditions and quantities guaranteed by us.
We check conditions and quantities for you, solving lacks and discrepancies on your behalf.

Buy from any sellers

You no longer have to worry about shipping costs, choose exactly the items you want, saving on average 14% on purchases.

No more disputes

We solve all problems, you always receive what you ordered.

Customer care

CardTrader will handle all the orders from CardTrader Zero, and with a 24 hour's live chat service, all your issues will be handled rapidly

When NOT TO USE CardTrader Zero?

CardTrader Zero average time of arrival is 9-14 days.
If you are in a hurry to receive your items, for example for an upcoming tournament, use the regular purchase procedure.

Selling has never been so easy.


You will receive cumulative orders, you will have to keep the cards aside
and send them to us in a unique solution once per week.
No disputes to manage with buyers, no tight shipping times on shipments,
one local shipment to reach
a worldwide audience
Orders fully handled by us,
including any problems with buyers.


Focus on your business by being more productive. We will do the rest.

Immediate payment upon receipt of the order,
no waiting time for credit.


Sellers usingCardTrader ZeroTM sell up to ten times more on average and prepare 76% fewer shipments.

A single cumulative shipment.


International buyers will be able to buy from you without you even knowing, the advantage for them is enormous. You will see your customers grow with otherwise unattainable buyers.

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