The Ultimate 3D Printed Spellbook Deck Box for Magic The Gathering Enthusiasts

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This custom-designed 3D printed deck box is a must-have for any Magic: The Gathering enthusiast looking for a unique and practical way to store their cards and accessories. Conceived and designed by the creator themselves, this deck box stands out with its spell book shape, adding a thematic touch that resonates with the magic and mystique of the game.

The box is divided into four distinct compartments, each tailored for different elements of the game. The first compartment is specifically designed to hold a main deck of 60 sleeved cards, ensuring your deck is always ready for play while remaining protected. The second compartment is dedicated to the sideboard, allowing for easy access and organization. The third compartment is crafted for tokens, helping players keep these essential pieces separate and accessible. Lastly, the fourth compartment is designed to safely store dice, ensuring they are always on hand for gameplay. Additionally, there is a version for Commander decks, which features three compartments: one for a 100-card deck with sleeves, one for tokens, and one for dice.

A notable feature of this deck box is its magnetic closure system. This secure yet easy-to-use mechanism keeps the contents safe and prevents accidental openings, providing peace of mind during transport. Whether you're heading to a local tournament or a friend's house for a casual game night, this spell book-themed deck box is the perfect companion for any Magic: The Gathering player looking for both style and functionality.
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